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After months of negotiation, agreements were reached on the long-awaited maneuver on generational change and on the harmonization of the most important items of the contractual provisions.

Many difficulties faced in dealing with these fundamental items, especially in the absence of the new Business Plan and the objectives and reorganizations that it may present.

For FABI it was essential to acquire certainty for all the more than 18,000 workers of the BPER Group: the historical ones and the more recent ones coming from UNIPOL, UBI / UBIS and ISP.

The following are the main agreements reached:

MANEUVER on STAFF (for all the details see the agreement )

Over the next three years 1100 voluntary incentives will be managed in the face of an important generational change: 550 new hires , 300 stabilization of contracts in administration , 122 confirmations of apprentices and fixed times , linked in particular to the areas most impacted by the exits (50% for DR Calabria-Sicily, Puglia-Basilicata, Abruzzo-Molise, Campania, Tuscany-Umbria and Sardinia and 25% in all other territories).

The trade union agreement provides:


incentivized and voluntary exit, with immediate right to a pension for those who have accrued / will accrue the starting date of the pension benefit:

  • Anticipated ” by 1 January 2025
  • Old age ” by 1 January 2025
  • Quota 100 ” by 1 April 2022 (or ” quota 102 “, if approved)
  • Woman option ” by 1 January 2021


voluntary access for those who accrue the starting date of the pension benefit from 1 February 2023 until 1 January 2030, through tranches of exits in relation to the accrual periods of the starting date of the pension benefit:

  • June 30, 2022 Þ with AUG from February 1, 2023 until January 1, 2026
  • December 31, 2022 Þ with AUG from February 1, 2026 until January 1, 2027
  • June 30, 2023 Þ with AUG from February 1, 2027 until January 1, 2028
  • December 31, 2023 Þ with AUG from February 1, 2028 until January 1, 2029
  • June 30, 2024 Þ with AUG from February 1, 2029 until July 1, 2029
  • December 31, 2024 Þ with AUG from August 1, 2029 until January 1, 2030

NB: those who accrue the pension benefit from 1 February 2023 to 1 January 2025 can alternatively join the Fund or the direct Pension.

  • usable only by those who already meet the requirements if the same allows them to accrue the requirements for direct access to the pension or to reduce the period of stay in the Fund
  • even partial may be requested

In the next few days the circular will be issued which will detail the procedures for joining :

  • by 28 February 2022, with recognition of the ” timeliness bonus
  • by 31 March 2022, the deadline

In the agreement, FABI and the other trade union organizations declared that the announced renewal processes must be carried out by enhancing people and territories, in line with the “green” sensitivities of limiting mobility, also expressing concern about the loss of the assets of professionalism, the replacement of which will be favored with important training interventions aimed at the new generations of Group workers and the reconversion of workers already in service.


HEALTH POLICY and ACCESSORIES 2022/2024 (for all the details, see the agreements )

  • UniSalute Healthcare :
  • Historical BPER Þ previous coverages confirmed and some conditions improved
  • ex UBI / UBIS / ISP Þ recognition of the policy referred to in the previous point
  • ex UNIPOL Þ the same previous coverage confirmed

For the “ex” audience, in May (for each year of the policy validity) an additional welfare payment will be recognized as compensation with respect to the previous provisions.

  • Free professional / extra-professional accident insurance : death € 200 thousand – IP € 300 thousand
  • Premature death (illness / accident) Total Permanent Disability (illness / accident) free of charge : € 100 thousand
  • Free Long Term Care : € 500 / month in case of inability to carry out the normal functions of daily life independently
  • Compensation for Overcome Behavior (illness / accident): two RAL / max € 100 thousand gross

COMPLEMENTARY SECURITY (for all the details, see the agreement )

Significant increase in the contribution paid by the Company , and for the number of employees from UBI / UBIS / ISP the possibility of joining the existing Funds (Arca / Previbank / Previp) by 31 May 2022.

MOBILITY and COMMUTING (for all the details, see the agreement )

Those transferred from 11/15/2021 to 12/31/2024 will be paid an indemnity for the duration of 72 months.

  • Daily Þ allowance calculation by applying the following formula € 0.30 x (km / route – 20) x 2
  • Not Daily Þ distance from residence / domicile ≥60km the apartment is up to the monthly charge of € 1400

Furthermore, the connection with the previous legislation was guaranteed for the incorporated colleagues, the protections extended to the various particular cases / fragile categories and specific provisions on the subject of re-entry and / or rapprochement were added .

The acknowledgment of the lack of notice has been sanctioned (if the requisites are met) from the date of receipt of the written communication of transfer.

PART-TIME (for all the details see the agreement )

The agreement has been renewed until 12/31/2024 and provides for :

  • extension on expiry , without the need for a request (sending the appropriate confirmation form is sufficient)
  • acceptance of new requests

NB: the above provisions must be compatible with the technical, organizational and production requirements (which are not homogeneous throughout the Bank’s territory).


Historical BPER workers will see the amount increased to € 110.00 / year , until 2024.

RATIONALIZATION OF COUNTERS (for all the details, refer to the agreement)

The workers affected by the closure of 104 branches last November 19 were guaranteed better conditions and protections in terms of positions and duties, professional paths and training, territorial mobility, performance evaluation and any disciplinary proceedings.

NB: the same will be recognized the new mobility and commuting treatments as indicated above.

BANCA DEL TEMPO SOLIDALE (for all the details please refer to the agreement )

The agreement was confirmed and the company hourly allocations that feed it increased.


Without prejudice to what has been agreed in the previous points, the Parties have agreed to continue, starting in January , the discussion on the matters not yet regulated or to be updated, including the ” QD Regulation and Regency / Management Indemnity ” and the agreement on ” Commercial Policies and Work Organization “.


The FABI delegation expresses great satisfaction with the results achieved: once again, this negotiating table can boast of writing important passages on the national scene to protect BPER workers of today and tomorrow.

«The signed package of agreements respects people, enhances contractual histories, pays attention to territories and projects BPER towards the future. Now we expect to conclude the harmonization and to discuss the new industrial plan » comments the national secretary of FABI, Mattia Pari .

“With the agreements reached on this day, the solidity of trade union relations in the Bper group is confirmed and a substantial step forward is achieved towards the complete harmonization of the recently acquired realities (formerly UNIPOL, formerly UBI / UBIS, formerly ISP), simultaneously guaranteeing the historical workers of the group with social security, assistance and commuting agreements. Furthermore, with the significant number of hires due to the personnel maneuver, generational turnover is ensured by relating departures and hires, also with support for the workforce in the territories. We are now ready to face the new challenges that 2022 will propose to us » observes the coordinator of the BPER Group, Antonella Sboro .

Modena, December 28, 2021

FABI GruppoBPER Coordination Secretariat

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