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This morning, on the eve of the entry into force of the Legislative Decree which provides for the obligation of the Green Pass for all public and private employees, we met the Company which, with the assistance of the RSPP Romano De Marco, she illustrated the ways in which all female colleagues and colleagues will be asked to present the GP.

In recent days, the Company has published FAQs in Blink which have been updated this morning, following a new government intervention that extends the possibility of accessing, as well as with the QR code, even with other types of documentation (vaccination certificate , certification of successful healing, certificate of antigenic or molecular swab with negative result) pending QR code, always in compliance with the privacy legislation.

It is the application of a law and the prescription of the Prime Minister, we remind you that the following are required to present the GP:

  • all Group employees
  • agents, consultants, self-employed workers and professionals who access the company premises to carry out their work
  • all those who carry out activities on the Group’s premises: cleaners, maintenance
  • those who carry out training activities.

The trade unions, in light of the FAQ update that took place this morning, which we invite colleagues to view with absolute attention , have requested clarifications and additions that are essential for the protection of all.

Collection of the Green Pass or drafting of verified lists are prohibited and the check must be carried out daily, as already written by the company, this above all to protect those who must check who are required to comply with the requirements without shortcuts, under penalty of disciplinary sanctions. .

In case of failure to show the Green Pass at the beginning of the working day, the suspension of the salary (salary, social security contribution, accrual of holidays, length of service) is foreseen until the presentation of a valid certification, therefore it is not possible to insert holidays, leave and unpaid leave. In the case of control during the working day, failure to show the GP will result in the obligation to leave the workplace and the employer will be required to report to the Prefecture for the application of the foreseen administrative sanction ranging from 600 to 1500 euros, therefore it will be advisable for colleagues to check the validity of their GP for the whole day.

Some colleagues in charge of controls, for corporate organizational needs, were asked to use their own telephone by downloading the verification APP C19. In this regard, the Company reiterates that the APP does not keep any data in its memory, it only carries out the verification. In any case, the use of one’s own telephone is voluntary. Colleagues who are equipped with company devices that do not support the APP can request its replacement.

Colleagues in Smart Working will not be monitored at their home. If upon their entry into the Company they are without a GP, they will not be able to return to Smart Working but will be considered unjustified absent until the presentation of the certification. Smart Working cannot be requested to remedy the absence of GPs.

Since this is a legislative provision, we invite you to carefully read the company rules and all updates, we will ensure that they are applied correctly, without abuses and distortions.

Modena, 14 October 2021

Trade Union Coordination Secretariats of the BPER

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